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We create breakthroughs where others see limitations

Our founders revolutionized silicon-based anode materials for lithium-ion batteries by continuously asking if there could be a better way

Silicon anode is key to the next generation of battery performance

GruEnergy offers high-performance silicon-based anode materials today, paving the way for nearly universal electrification of vehicles, power tools, and many other consumer products.

GruEnergy is leveraging material science to power the world’s transition from carbon emissions.

Grow as we grow

Where can you be on the leading edge of science? Shaping your role and the future of energy storage? In the heart of Silicon Valley, our creative team of world-class scientists and innovative thinkers is always seeking a better way. Rapid and continuous innovation requires flexibility and initiative.

If that sounds like you, consider joining us.

Invent and be heard.

“Our talented team is transforming the next generation of silicon anode materials. These aren’t just technical innovations; they are a game-changer for the entire lithium-ion battery industry.

With fully-tested and production-ready solutions today, GruEnergy is unlocking the potential of silicon-based anode materials—up to 10X capacity of graphite—to power the world’s transition to clean energy.”

—Dr. Sa Zhou, Co-Founder, CTO

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