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GruEnergy is a leading next-generation anode material company for lithium-Ion batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs), consumer electronics, and energy storage.

Charging is the number one concern for consumers to choose EV. It takes over an hour to charge an EV today, even with superchargers, due to the limit of the EV batteries, not charging stations.  It is the anode material in lithium batteries that determines the charging time. Our scientists have achieved a breakthrough in anode material that enables 10-minute ultra-fast charging. At the same time, batteries made with GruEnergy’s anode last for one million miles driving.

This breakthrough has solved the biggest pain for consumers and overcome the last barriers to the mass adoption of EV.

GruEnergy’s anode material is a “drop-in” solution without requiring overall battery design or manufacturing changes. This new anode material is already in mass production of 3,000 tons a year today.

GruEnergy’s Silicon Anode Enables Ultra-Fast Charging
  • 10-minute charging from 0 to 80% capacity, which means to drive another 250 miles if your EV battery is a 300-mile range.
  • Your EV battery can last for one million miles. The battery will retain high residual value when you retire your car.
  • “Range Anxiety” for EV will be the history with ultra-fast charging.
  • Drive your EV anywhere you want with ultra-fast charging.
Major Technology Breakthrough
  • Silicon anode enables fast charging, but silicon particles are brittle and break after some charging cycles, so the battery dies.
  • GruEnergy’s proprietary technology makes silicon particles non-breakable so that battery can last one million miles.
  • The driving range per charge of the battery made with GruEnergy’s anode is 20% longer.
  • The battery retains more than 75% capacity at -20 °C.
Worldwide Operation and Mass Production
  • The first anode material factory in China is shipping 3,000 tons a year.
  • Expanding to 23,000 tons in 2023.
  • Mass production capabilities in both US and Europe in 2022.

Dr. Song Han

Co-Founder CEO
  • World-class battery scientist
  • 20+ year in material and battery industry
  • Extensive network in battery industry
  • 15 granted patents and 70+ pending

Mr. Mark Schmitz

  • 20+ year veteran of General Motors
  • CFO of public companies such as Goodyear, Itron and Plug Power
  • Led startups in Fuel Cell, EV and Solar

Dr. Sa Zhou

Co-Founder CTO
  • World-class battery scientist
  • 10+ years in material and battery industry
  • 5 granted patents and 10 pending patent applications
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