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Leading edge of science

While other companies are working on exotic and costly processes to create a viable silicon-based anode material, GruEnergy has found a way to stabilize nano-sized silicon particles that undergo thousands of charge/discharge cycles with minimal degradation of performance—without resorting to high-cost, low-yield semiconductor processes.

This material is available today, and an even higher capacity silicon dominant material is under test by our partners and customers. We are at the leading edge of a true revolution in battery technology.

World-class scientists and innovative thinkers

Our two founders are accomplished electrochemistry PhDs dedicated to attracting outstanding talent. We are looking for scientists and engineers who are fast learners, proactive, adaptable, and inspired by the idea of contributing in a meaningful way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

In the heart of Silicon Valley

GruEnergy has a culture of innovation and creativity and a cohesive team driven by the excitement of being on the leading edge of battery science.

We value flexibility and initiative as we turn research ideas into commercial innovations. What began as a conviction that there must be a better way now has our concepts moving to the marketplace in products that will change the world.

We move ideas from the lab to the marketplace

The R&D environment at GruEnergy is open and encouraging.

We are continually applying material innovations from the atomic level to commercially relevant products. Ideas can be quickly tested both in lab-scale and commercially relevant sizes. Highly rigorous qualification processes are also in place to validate any new technologies.

Our innovative lab and business environment ensure the novel and reliable advancement of GruEnergy’s battery technologies. At GruEnergy you can invent and be heard. Your ideas will help to advance leading edge battery technologies that the world has been waiting for.

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